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Thursday 26th March 2009.

Laughter..my defense..when caught unaware where the conversation is going.Yesterday i was caught mid-afternoon in a happy mood the day had so far gone quite well,the Chinese Gardens in Singapore has so far escaped the bulldozer, some small peaceful spaces within this concrete island have not changed beyond all my memories, of the past, there are still friendly ghosts who touch within the boundary of those locked away thoughts.
Little India..is the dust heat of the earth the one place in this island where the rule book is tossed into the gutter as the clamour drips down the heat crusted walls..a certain shopping market in any other country would be closed down by those hunks in fireman's uniforms...so close jammed packed were goods i could have fucked amongst the tightly packed rails,without rampant buttocks protruding to the sting of WTF...echoing..in fact i doubt if enough room could handle such an echo...a flyer a few days ago...mentioned CD'S..for 60 cents..oohhh..yummy...rubbish i thought also..however i put the visit on my hit list in the thousand and one things to achieve before i die syndrome....success five CD'S for three Singapore dollars it fed the fetish i have for Asian pop song artists..who do i blame for this,i only wish i knew...would i buy them some ale or simply laugh...
Thoughts of ice cream glided into my head as the air-con began to fade behind me...the sun was bright my thoughts also and then...
...You have a happy face...i turned this young Indian lad...nice..my vanity kicked in maybe he wants this old fart of a body..yummy thought i,...i do too..and it began...i am a yogi man....arrhhh i thought money
....do you believe in God..arrhhh i thought....God has brought us together this afternoon,this chance passing...i will tell you sir with your happy face you will live a long life...oh...he even gave the years..between 89/91...he said he could read faces and it went on for some minutes facts he got right i was amazed....others could be for anyone...he opened this small like purse..inside were bits of yellow paper which he scribbled small notes on...a picture of his teacher which i have seen before on my travels...during my life i have sinned...yes i thought but what is sin...i laughed he asked why..defense..i replied..he shrugged it off continuing to surprise me as to how near the mark he was....the nearest i got to touch him was when he put both our hands inside this purse and prayed..i am sorry my laughter broke out the defence once more...trying to calm....my racing thoughts...he wrote...down three numbers...50....100....200... which was explained 50 is the sum what poor give..etc..and up the class system we went....Yogi men do not work...arrhh yes here it comes... i have told you much..yes quite so...if you give i will tell you what you have sinned and how to cure it....i stopped looked at him and thought i wonder..does he know i suck cocks....does he really know the transvestite inside me....do i really want a cure...the sun beat down ice cream..beer began to burn hotter than the sun...i pushed my hand into my pocket and pulled out a ten dollar bill..slipped it into the open purse....have you no more..i laughed yes..but i need a beer..laughed and strolled on into the mad Englishman's sun....my thoughts were fucked again..no more than ten paces a Chinese man coming up to middle age dropped in step...was he telling your fortune..yes..how much did you give..ten dollars....some rich Chinese give thousands but it does not buy them happiness..a few more paces..and some more wisdom about fortune telling it is good to give a little was whispered we both laughed and split at the road junction i to my ice cream and later beer...him to where ever...if any one out there has read so far..thoughts on this incident would be nice..it is not word for word..but the main thrust is there...?????


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Mar. 26th, 2009 08:56 am (UTC)
as if cocksucking and transvestism are sins :-)
Mar. 27th, 2009 05:37 am (UTC)
if you give i will tell you what you have sinned and how to cure it....i stopped looked at him and thought i wonder..does he know i suck cocks....does he really know the transvestite inside me....do i really want a cure...

Do you? I rather think not.

I am amazed at the multitude of people who look at sex as a deviation requiring a cure...why is what makes us happy a deviation, especially if it makes us happy and hurts no one else?

I think you were wise to hand over the ten dollar bill and to walk on.

Enjoy your travels and have a safe trip home when the time comes.
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