bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 29th March 2009.

Today is Trinity Sunday...the afternoon heavy thunderstorms have drifted away...i have escaped the cozy corner backpackers palace,of which palace is blasphemy....however i have one more night to endure...though for seven pounds a night what do i least the top bunk i attempt to sleep in is not full of bed bugs..perhaps they cannot climb so high..the whole place reminds me of boarding school,dim flaccid in all manners.Last night someone found the switch for the no more slow cooking in the dark hours bad enough being haunted by vivid dreams, so wild the walls crack with i squirm below....cheeky buggers..should i ever win the lotto..i will bribe them to haunt some body else.....I have visited the pictures in this small corner of the city a first in this city i always expect it to be in chinese and full of a rabble throwing popcorn sperms perhaps they do not visit early afternoon i was surprised myself when i bought a ticket it is certainly not like me away from my home town in England, air-con nice seats another learning curve...the film was the latest Clint Eastward....stories abound that this would be his last before the camera's....the closing scene brought tears...i sat there as the credits rolled thinking... Jesus....not that i was expecting a Dirty Harry type ending guns blazing or was i...and just like to think not.....a fitting end film, should the tales become truth,  he can now retire and swim along with Toad and Ratty down tales of the river bank...sink into the halls of fame hopefully never to be dragged out in a wheel hands full of diamonds clapping until the turtle doves ride the the film was a dog...a possible golden lab..or near enough...breed....last night when the demons came they laughed as they gave me sex....i really should have known some dreams fade as soon as i awake others are so jumbled i am not so sure if it was a dream or my imagination in riot.....i was with a mature women..between her legs was a to her was a dog not unlike in the film...the dog had swallowed a stuffed toy in the shape of it's self....i had to open its mouth and pull it out, the toy was as long as the dog...i awoke to see the scampering of gargoyles leaving under the door and i never had the bloody dog got in the way...i have always had strange dreams about sex..but the stuffed toy and the dog from the film are something new.....
Yesterday....i stumbled on music.... an outside setting by the river a small permanent stone concert stage,nicely shaded from the hot sun, i sat for three hours watching youth bands go through two numbers some competition it was quite strange watching another race for they could have been any  origin of people living on this tiny island and i would hate to label them wrongly doing gothic heavy metal...they were indeed good all the bands it is nice to wash away the stero typical's that float sometimes in the is the same with the comes out sing sing it has not got that gut feeling..i cannot help but smile ,when bunched up in the crowd and some youth slips it out..especially as this is such a regimented island where rules lie heaped in spades blinding out the is probably why i was agog watching the bands...two police officers turned up in the bay..i watched the waving hands at the organisers..they were there to watch the gothic heavy metal..would have been so interesting to be a fly on the wall near to their words never mind thoughts the crowd was large enough for them to stay awhile and it was nice to see that youth in this country are not all robotic.... with a few dressed as punks,goths and all the rest as youth is,when allowed at times to invest in....i thought of my own days..HA....


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