bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 1st April 2009.

The air is heavy,the fans blow nothing, the clouds mount thunder and downpours must be in the offing,a minor bird has picked up a human whistle and is not letting day has been lazy...deep in the bowls of shopping malls streaming air-con..the covered market however must what hell must feel....the difference between home and here is vast which is why some people feel the urge to travel,i ask myself why i do at times and not content to sit safe in Sunny Manchester all the money i have spent over the years could have perhaps bought me a Rolls Royce...alright a Morris Minor...
Here....there are no adverts for holidays in winter sunshine in fact no holidays have i seen with sunshine written anywhere.There are not rows of suntan cream on supermarket shelves..nor is there rows of sunbed dens where an all over tan can be had for five pound for three minutes.There are soaps here that make you white,Creams that make your bust grow,peanut butter with a strawberry mix...Bra-cups so thoughts on as each year passes that Singapore girls busts are increasing may have to be did think it was all the crispy fat they consume..have seen everything deep fried bar the famous Scottish Mars bar.....i do not poo-poo any of this it is nice to get from under the straight jacket one tightens around oneself laugh giggle prance down the covered market with a bag of such strange fruit as.... Vietnam Dragon, Fruit..Jack fruit....i did manage to escape buying any DVD-CD's...i might just  be a tickle over loaded...but picked up some shredded black fungus...dried ginseng and a couple of other interesting looking artifacts to throw in the cooking pot at home.
I intend to have a lazy evening..there is some Tiger beer in the fridge....bliss.


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