bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 3rd April 2009.

Yesterday...for a short while...i tried to treat my other delights than trinket shopping,and sexual games in the cloud filled imagination...i climbed out of the pit early and squeezed my self on the Singapore tube...during their rush hour...i failed instantly on the sexual imagination so packed tight were the bodies what else could one do as flesh pressed flesh, breasts, lunch boxes, swayed on each curve..God help us..if their had been a crash..for a giant queue would have certainly been stood out side the pearly gates,i suppose one or two of us would have been sent to shovel the devil's shite...however i am here, so we all crushed to fuck made it into the big City...that early the trinket shops are still effort to bypass them then...i headed for the Botanical gardens passing the British Council Still painted in Empire white...a contrast next door the American Embassy built in the shape of a Samurai Fort in the dullest gray....the security tells the sign of the times....Singapore is a many faith community, as it is a much tourist Island outside and in churches, mosques...are picture painting boards much the same as i remember at infant school telling the story of their particular faith...each one mentions sin..each one mentions peace...walking past the two buildings did make me wonder.
The gardens are expansive well maintained so many places to sit awhile with thoughts..there were some firsts for me first Mango tree,coffee tree with a few tea plants also...because Jesus was not there i fed the fish or was it he who fed us..sitting in a class room once for two years going over the the bible dulls the mind...the tiny balls of fish food did not look to me worth the hassle of push and shove within the shallow waters in amongst this were a few small turtles demented space ships in the foam no wonder the bigger ones continued to bake in the sunshine i bet they thought daft sods...there is also a orchid house which was fabulous,until i came across one named after Maggie Thatcher..why it was not black was beyond me....i stumbled out across into the cold house which is a climate controlled rain forest with mist and fly trappers,amongst other such plants it was so good i passed through twice for it is no longer than two cricket pitches....four hours around this garden...the old stomach cried out WTF..feed me making my way out i noticed there are plenty of night lights set up, the garden opens until midnight..i thought ooohhh i wonder if people cruise here at night...mature men in cocks...a possible put on my trinket shopping list...before i go home.....the trinket shops had by now opened, my favourite bar did not open until 6pm..what else could i do but touchy-feel through the bright lights after dinner...i did well bought nothing, i have grasped something in life never bulk buy then drink had noticed though some Japanese extra tight fit Condoms which i might just treat myself too...i have a fascination for condoms when used,all that semen hanging the textured condom all rubbery stretched spent in that gasping utterage.....


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