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Monday 6th April 2009.

Tis.....Monday...i have now left behind the small dorm life...the whirling fans on constant...the fact that i could still climb onto the top bunk also surprised me, the at times claustrophobic rooms with far to many beds packed like sardines as the saying goes, pack them high sell them cheap could be over whelming,the amount of left behind clothes could cloth a village in deepest Africa... and the mess of empty bottles under the bed how there was room for such is amazing....it gives thoughts on who is going to clean up after them when my generation dies out that might be vanity on my behalf..but that just the way it seems perhaps by that time rats will be so large they will eat the human race and thus save the planet from going to zog...such thoughts came at the darkest hours when my mind was humming in tune to the air-con or splayed by the fans and the constant through the night of ring tones trying to wake those from a deep sleep i must have envied. There are times when the modern tecno of the mobile phone is Bla...
Now that i have had my little rant to myself...the staying in such places also had it's bucket full of humour,those caught in a Country regulated to fuck can, still, do laugh, and most of all still have there own thoughts,these are the things i shall miss when i go home,and no doubt when the Chardonnay bottle comes out,will dwell on such.
It has also been nice not to be verbally attacked for being English...or reading such in the local daily papers about how crap we are and no wonder cos we all stop for tea every five minutes..i passed through one year, sat on the back of a bus to a lecture from some student who did not know what graft felt like under the finger nails going on about how lazy Brits were in the work place in the days of old British Leyland...it would be interesting now to talk over a few tiger beers and see his world point of view...perhaps i could charge him $14,800 per minute,as wot Tony Blair now charges for after dinner speeches...i wonder if he pays tax on such or does it wallow in some off shore account....i ask myself why they fill morning papers with such maybe it is an invitation to wipe my arse with such scribble..the world cannot be going to rack and ruin if such is, nor the fact that two hundred mosques in Mecca are facing the wrong direction...arrhh i think built by some rampant Scotsman during national service no doubt in glee up yours i presumed he thought.... and gimmie another beer.
I have now treated myself to a small hotel room...for my last remaining days here in Singapore mainly so i can shop through the list i have to take home and can leave it as i please, and for the last time i suspect for a good few years i can drink Tiger beer draft fall through the room door,  not worrying if i shall wake anybody up..or cringe if i have to get up and piss all over the night demons....but most of all i can masturbate...Ha..something i really missed in the mixed dorms i stayed in....
Despite all my Monday Bla's..i am well,in a good mood...!! and can smile to myself..thinking.. yer....whatever....


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Apr. 7th, 2009 04:01 am (UTC)
I do remember you telling me about the rant against Brits you suffered on a previous trip. Glad you did not endure again this trip! Did you encounter the old woman of the night you found last time in Tsingapore? That was a lovely story. :-)

love and stuff from the other side of the world where it is not nearly so warm but the moon is bright, casting silver shadows and listening to all my whispers. Boo....
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