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Wednesday 8th April 2009.

Today i have to implant in my mind that i have to seriously think off going home to England...if not for two who reach down and tickle my soul perhaps i would runaway from life and sink somewhere within the ASEAN....land mass...sat in this air-con internet cafe squeaky cool it is easy to reach fantasy land in such dreams.
As..i waited for this temple to open this morning...i climbed the steps in Raffles Hotel to sit with the ghosts of Coward, for perhaps the last time,those past empire days plush seats out side the Ballroom where i could sit, awhile  in the growing end to the silence of the night, pondering on my nightly demons to see  if i can recall at all,sometimes they dance off away whipping such dreams away in a confusion where i am not sure if perhaps did indeed happen.
Singapore wakes up like any other city to  rubber tyre's..What makes it Singapore are drinks carried in plastic bags with a straw,those old gentlemen who stand and do slow motion movements found in Bruce Lee's.....Enter The Dragon...Far Eastern Ladies who wear high heels yet cannot walk in them,their gait is of a drunken chicken....school children who wear so white...who must have shares in DAZ....soap powder...However the soft chairs where such was possible have now been removed..perhaps dressing in blue shorts a green t-shirt with a simple faded red star on does make me a hotel guest....i sigh....
As i was early for this here temple..i bought a copy of the Straits Times...the world might be in a tail spin....but Singapore girls had a full page spread to enlarge their breasts..as a breast person i could only go urrmm...there is a possibility i, they, could win a $280 voucher..giving me two 45 minute sessions....GTC 6PLUS....uses medical principle,when healthy cells are stretched,they respond both by swelling temporarily and by replicating until,eventually the cells divide to accommodate stretch force therefore it gives bust a natural look...my first thoughts were cocks..perhaps i could have a session for each muscle...
The other interesting note...was how crap and expensive Australia's..broadband service is...so as this summer when Australia are batting the shit out off the England cricket team...i can only sigh..and at least think well at least we have a better broadband than down under.....
Today i am going to find once more some old ghosts..as a child i was taken to Tiger Balm Gardens...there are some still remaining pictures of me with hair, slim stomach, sat in some push chair amongst the creatures cast in stone....it has been on my mind for much of this trip...reports say it is falling to pieces..but sometimes you have to simply rake up some of these old ghosts if nothing more to give peace of mind...i cannot say compare state of mind as it was some fifty years ago..just scribbling the word fifty is mind blowing enough....it has not helped either on this trip by the book i am reading,a book for the first time in my life i have ripped out pages and stuck in my traveling journal i always carry..the book.. The Road to Lisbon... i pretend to myself it is because of the weight i can carry on the airplane..but i know deep down it is more serious on that...which now brings me to the noon day sun perhaps i might see Noel Coward....HA...and such intrepidations of the road to Lisbon will fade whilst the sun is high....


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Apr. 8th, 2009 08:29 am (UTC)
you understand now why i am still on dial up :-)
Apr. 13th, 2009 01:50 pm (UTC)
I often consider that there are asian countries where i could live quite well on my social security. Of course it seems realistic that i have run out of gas and that sort of move is beyond my energy or resources, but it is pleasant to think about.
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