bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thusday 9th April 2009.

The pickles are trying to eat me,they have found out that i am on my way home,they happen to see me call into the Singapore Airlines  office..i did try to tell them i had seen some knickers i was quite taken with thinking ho-hum...they might look nice..silly me forgot they have eyes everywhere...And so perhaps i might find time to hide away in one of these tiny booths and blog once more,it has suddenly come to me that these small oasis into the cyber world are very much like confession boxes i quite expect father rip-wrap to be looking over my shoulder....which is perhaps why the pickles do not trust me...out by myself..poor things they had quite settled here not wishing to go home to the damp and gloom.
Today i have retrenched some of my footsteps picking up the bits and pieces i have spotted as i trawled through the shopping malls these past days now i do not have to worry to much if the pennies last until i board my flight...this comfort shopping helps the shock of yesterday pale away in time..i know progress is a rich dog never looking back no matter if the shit it leaves behind does not smell of roses.But wowo..yesterday i took the bus to the Tiger Balm Gardens...for one of those ghost tours from my past,this leafy lane that was, has been rapped by the concrete the gardens have survived is quite amazing..but the saddest is off coarse how they have declined to such depths of mire...i am glad i went..i am glad i sat there after with a coke looked over the forlorn mess...the cracks...the peeling paint...some man made things have to die fade away in a mountain of dust fit for only ants and pickles.
How ever much i wrap thoughts deeds around me some i have to let drift in the wind or else this armour i put on each day would be far to heavy to race across the daily battlefield.
I want to leave this tiny island in good spirits..i have had a hair cut thankfully the mountainous young fellow knew the number three blade it does not take long usually, but he played about...maybe he was board, quiet, as i was the only one at that moment
simply liked the mess a round that wonderful track of music in Planes Trains and Automobiles...what can take awhile for me to grow between the legs now this age..but if had not stopped at the time my shorts would have been quite a bless his cotton socks...oh of coarse i tipped


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