bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thrusday April 16th 2009.

I am once more safely back within these four walls deep in the haze of red bricked Manchester,the flight home was comfortable as best as i could make it strapped into the tin shell made by man..i had a seat overlooking the wing,a seat much to be avoided in the future,voyeurism at 35,000 feet can does take your breath away,flying past the sunrise in Europe into the gloom of Manchester was uncanny as if stone age man was about to tread through the clouds...
There was small the return journey..i packed on Thursday,just to see if i could squeeze in one or two more trinkets my eyes had feasted on during the orgiastic banquet i had delighted in during the thronged shopping malls in Orchard road...Singapore...i separated my passport from my airport duty free spending money
thinking i would sort it all out just before check in...i had neatly packed my money just beneath my dirty washing think who should pass that way deserves the pennies within....this tired old mind simply forgot at check into the hold went my they say..but the biggest drat was this crazy transvestite mind not at all sure i had packed it at all..until i reclaimed my baggage,all my mind could do was churn the day i packed on repeat mode..was it, did i, empty all the draws in the tiny unswingable cat room,all those strange visions that the goblins, gargoyles,erupt in rainbow brightness inside my head,,their squeals of delight whilst i wandered through duty free in gloom...of no pennies..the trinkets bright in cloisters seemed that much brighter....
But i had my revenge...those tiny blighters who once danced in duty free were not so pleased when yesterday..i pulled on some tiny red thongs just big enough,oh their faces..ha...the screams grew louder when amongst my trinkets i unpacked a new baby doll nightie black with red lace..yes i know it will not fit and perhaps i am mature past such delights and should simply adopt the old panto dame look but again..ha....
My biggest problem is once more climbing into my work mind..i return this coming Saturday for a few hours then the big double whammy Monday..ouch...I really do not want to bother any more nearly 36 years is enough repayment time to society especially to a society that snigger's at transvestites over morning coffee and toast as if we are something from Mars...perhaps we are...

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