bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 5th May 2009.

The salacious elephants in my head and the gargoyle and his friend hobgoblin lurking within...are having a dirty scrap,i am not sure if they are on the same side fighting me,or simply i am piggy in the middle being bashed by both.It is not so much the return to England..or the crazy weather patterns old Manchester lives with each day or even the saddle i have climbed into for those few pennies the gods on high throw down to see how many trinkets we can gather, before the four horses of Apocalypse piss all over us, as we the massed great unwashed wait in line,as we shudder towards the gates of hell.There to be met by the gate guardians armed with red hot pokers,purple dildo's and pumped up ABBA music.
I am not well,a simple statement, saccharine turtles, give me no strength, beast triffids make me cough into the gulags of some great chasm,my naked buttocks are being thrashed by rhubarb..perhaps i have gone wrong on this return journey to home. I have heard some whispers,saying you can fuck-off,if you think you can go back to that diet on a hoof in between shifts,fuck yer cheese and biscuits,fuck yer sausage rolls..i am inclined to agree something has to be done.
The salacious elephants..are beginning to splutter...two of my  favourite blogs have now ceased..the philosophy of one will be missed,people, change, grow, they hang rhythm on their nipples and need to catch the wind so although it makes me sad, i raised a glass of chardonnay and watched him take the other path in the hundred acre wood wishing him luck on his journey.
The other,someone blinkered must have the TEMPLE OF COCK..and gone wow...fuck me..cannot have the bible filled full of creaming cocks...what would the world some poor probably in some gulag repeating hail mary's...for taking the lords name in vain...or did he or was he simply putting his version of the world faith in another bracket full of purple dildo's and red hot pokers...where no one was forced to go,linger, feel hungry for such erectness or simply to piss your pants is a sin to keep away from those with open eyes on the stairway to heaven just in case they fall off.


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