bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 5th July 2009.

The sore saddle i am perched on has now only twenty more days, to be a bur under my buttocks before i can slip off and feel that befuddled tension ease away down the cock sucking father time road, i glimpsed when..!! sigh if i can remember when this crazy mix of hours started....amazing the draw of a few pennies more, in my pocket, puts on hold the life of those inside who journey along with me.
They are not amount of promises..can simper down their voices to a whisper..even the promise of pulling on stockings is not enough..take me shopping the slutty bitch screams and this slutty bitch is she inside of me or am i simply the slutty bitch, promising myself that at the end of this period of crazy work i might just treat myself...enough to stop my femininity from whipping my bare Clitty to a frazzle..especially  this passing weekend due to fatigue i sprawled into a crumpled heap,as i rested from the giant penny on my back..a glass of Chardonnay or two was the muster of it all.
I should have been in deepest darkest Manchester as the demons draw out in the night sky, to play with a Dark Master who has a lust for every hole available,in the most dankest of terms and conditions....and so i sigh,a sigh of not so much sadness for i can live on the memory of the last episode when things went squelch under his service...HA...then onward only twenty more days..!!and life returns to go BOO...perhaps i should burn the candle at both ends..i can hear them..yes yes...drat...

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