bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 13th August 2009.

I cannot find the off button,only the pause,and so i sit here with my fingers on the paussssssssse..button,look befuddled at this white screen bare patchless no casting shadow from print, only dancing queens playing in my mind.Once more wonder where time has trawled during the wearing of my flasher mac since i last scribbled here.My pink ribboned hob nail boots can tell no tale, the rich leather creased does not whisper either, the world tilts rolls on flabbergasted and the word Summer is beginning to play out in this tiny speck of the planet...the media promise of hot summer..sizzle i recall in big bold print..remains only in big bold print...
However i am not down in the trough of forlorn hope..each ray of sunshine is celebrated each twittering butterfly fluttering past brightens up the day, a small pause in the crazy work world is more the richer by this fragile creature leaping in air currents just beyond my grasp...perhaps in Autumn i can pause longer and perhaps too find the off button.

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