bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 10th October 2006.

Today is gonna be the day..and so the song ambles on it has been filling my head all day;more so when i passed the B of the Bang.Shit happens or so they say;infact it probably happens some where in the world every second a clock ticks on this planet.
Some days you can hack it others you can only simply watch and then there are those times where you can simply do nothing but watch as another struggles with the thorns being delt them,and just hope the rest of the song manages to penetrate the wonderwall and heals the licking of wounds;why does it happen.And then will it ever stop.One only has to look at the tired old cliche..the bigger picture and North a big bomb..but cannot feed their we ever grow up from children..the big cannon..the roar of the monster under the bed...and then a word was it only one who knows,but only the receiver.

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