bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 5th October 2009.

Today is the 73rd Anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade...I wonder if the Tories picked this particular week to hold their annual Conference here in sunny Manchester because of such, or is it me simply being silly.And as i sit here looking at this screen will the Tory party once more be sat in the Palace of Westminster this time next year, with the British public having short memories of what the Tory can do and have done in the past.
They are already shouting the odds on the same old topics..Social Security..we will get the scroungers back to work,we will cut their benefits, please ring this number, if you suspect your neighbor of social security fraud,do they walk to the garden gate,have you seen them running for a bus or perhaps they dance naked in the garden, quaffing endless cans of beer..perhaps they hump amongst the cabbage patch, thrash and mash with their benefit cheque between their buttock cheeks.
At this weeks show,the political circus of future promises will they display just how much the Palace of Westminster costs to run each year,and perhaps wonder who indeed pays for this surely it is me,i,amongst the army of great unwashed.
What of he himself MR Murdoch preaching to his newspaper readers to vote Tory at next years much tax does he pay here at home in this green land..i would have said pleasant..but a strange taste is beginning to form as the dark clouds of Tories float towards London.But there again how much of the great unwashed are left to put their mark on the ballot,or worse still be bothered to shuffle to the polling station perhaps it is simply better to fuck in the cabbage patch.For the politicians will surely fuck us in the belief we should work until 70..before picking up a never know they might raise it to 73 for those who dared to march 73 years ago in protest cannot have the great unwashed winning, now gosh cannot indeed have that.

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