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Sunday 25th October 2009.

The wide blank screen confronts me.A can of TIZER opened sits by my side semi-warm " NOW WITH ADDED BITE " in white letters on green..long before the advance of tin-cans this used to come in big red bottles..i am sure it tasted far better then and did not need such scribbles to entice off the shelf the colour of the gaudy bottle was enough to blind, from the array in blank lemonade bottles. Coke-a-cola then was something new in my childhood when one asked for it, the usual stories abound,you could put a nail in the bottle and it would vanish eaten by the coke...what would it do to your stomach..arrrhhh we thought slumped back and accepted lemonade and a packet of crisps those with the tiny blue bag of salt, which you poured over the crisps yourself..even back then modern machinery was playing daft sometimes no bag..then two bags....sweets, candy, back then were like the war years rationed,i promised myself back then that should i ever have kids then retorts such as you will have no teeth left, and other such bla bla..will remain back in childhood.
Funny how child hood is never far away when i try such delights from way back..i will probably buy some more tizer in the distant months ahead..i would hate to think that such a drink will vanish, so no future sticky pocketed lad cannot possibly wonder what lies within,when playing with his pocket money would he buy tizer or reach for the top shelf and buy some soft porn magazine....instead to feed his mind ribald dreams...i can recall the first time i reached for such, the magazine was called MAYFAIR.....thick glossy the pictures of nude ladies widened my mouth larger than gobstoppers,i recall also being shocked that ladies had pubic hair i found it astounding which just shows how indeed some of us coming through the 60/70's were still sitting under the mulberry bush plucking at fruit...the first time i saw my sperm shoot out was also a shock i can remember whose house i was in and where...all this in my 13th year....i thought about that, the other night as i was stood waiting at some function bar to gain another pint of foaming mirth..as i stood there the in rush of a group of young lads scrambled up to the bar top their tiny heads not even level to the split beer ouzing across the shinny glaze, swimming under heated light reflecting in barman's arms...money thrust up wards garbled requests shouted in this ruck one boy pushed too hard to the front pushing forward against the front boy whom turned around.."are you touching my pants,are you gay " i looked into my pint pot sighing, is this the bright future ahead you touch someones pants and your gay no wonder men can only hug in drunkenness and true grit sporting events...The world is written on the side of a can of Tizer..which reminds me to bump into someone and wait for the retort i do hope they have a big cock..HA...


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Oct. 25th, 2009 08:28 pm (UTC)
I do love the vividness of your entries. The descriptions so detailed and full of color. Always I feel as I finish a passage from you that I can close my eyes and *see* the scene(s) that you describe. You are truly gifted, my friend. Always nice to see something from you.

I've not been around on LJ much lately due to a new job and commute. I am still having loads of fun, just not enough time to write about it. And, if you are interested, HE will be here in about a week and a half. I am counting down now. ♥
Oct. 26th, 2009 01:34 pm (UTC)
13 is a magical year! It was the year I learned about sex from a book that my friend Judy and I read late at night by flashlight after her parents had gone to bed though I'm surprised they weren't awakened by the giggles and declaraions of "EWWWWW!!! They don't really do THAT do they?"
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