bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 22nd November 2009.

For a Sunday,i am unusually sober,even the empty green can besides me simply says, no caffeine,the youth pictured sat on ice, feet resting on sliced lemon was not the reason i withdrew the can from fridge.As i glance at the can,even the youthful zeal only concentrates my mind on how far his zip would decrease and would it be cut or uncut,not that it would make a spring difference to me either way, for a mouth full of cock is simply cock and both are yummy.
What does make the difference is the fact i am not envious of his youth,the mere thought that the genius's in charge of us want to make this youth work until perhaps turning 80 before he retires..i wonder what an 80 year old man would look like on a can of seven-up and would the great unwashed swarm to pull the ring pull.
Despite the advancement in techno-playing machines, hand held tiny mobile phones,and all the rest of the up and coming gizmo's youth can now lay hands on,i do not envy,or wish i was born now, today, if ever in the future.When i see a new born baby in a pram i cringe in sadness..poor sod.The price they are going to pay for playing such machines are going to be dreadful....the culture of working for nothing..the culture for working longer hours for nothing is growing...slavery is alive and well being promoted by genius's who throw down such titillation's as x-factor let the great unwashed simper in such cloth and all the rest is blind.I would have thought after two hundred years of industrial revolution the three day weekend is richly deserved.Am i melancholy to sit in such a mood tonight,or simply reflecting on the fact that today i spent time sitting at a swimming gala watching rich young flesh scantily clad racing in frothing water.I could not help but try and picture these young things sat where i sat at the age of 54 reading a sunday newspaper scripted in blackened words deep in print on how to buy and sell lives, as if it was all a board game of who's name i am failed to spell...would they indeed be able to change anything, as i looked down on such able bodies,fresh youth,fresh brawn deserve better than the imagination in those genius's with sagging chins, flaccid cocks in zipped pin stripe suits,have in mind for those who swam in torrents today.

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