bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 1st January 2010.

I have arrived at the schoolboy comic date of 2010..i am finding it hard to adjust quickly to scribbling such a year my fingers, pregnantly pause as my fingers hover over the confusing numbers making up the new year..a school boy i once classed with, had a simple ambition to see the year 2000....i hope he did and wonder how he is finding this year or has all the adult baggage warped off the childhood grin in thought waves about simple ambitions....The complex desires of adulthood can override those far off days once cut in rose dreams if only one can bend the thorns to rubber dollies far more readily than is perhaps the call of the day.
Looking out on this winters day..the sun in full armour but leaving the heat behind on the other side of  the world casts a salacious shadow i have woke up on this new day this new year very much quite horny they are guiding my thoughts nothing really new there,in times gone by in youthful zest when an erect cock could be ordered in mere seconds, but this last past month in the cart-horse of work sexual thoughts have been in the black mire swamp monsters, sticky back insects, in demon dust from those whom wish to make drones out of such as i have much ploughed the field furlong.
But now i sit waiting for that school boy comic hero DAN DARE to land his spaceship outside my window and greet the new space age sounding year...speaking such a year does give really nothing the dark mauls of this past decade has taken much of the shine off an erotic number.Yet just looking at the date on paper,screen, conjures up the pandora's box of tricks,the imagination is all that one has to fight of the drones, to indulge is to escape..even today on my screen on my home page lies the advert from the sign up for a identity card some cartoon runs around a box on my screen begging me to order a pack....i shudder look to the window..and wait for my hero to youth it was his heroics in a space ship.Now i just want to see the bulge in his pants to gain his flaccid member whilst he tells me stories of beyond Mars...perhaps i will have to sit here until my old Friend King Canute can offer any help in such a tide of thoughts..i doubt it but i chuckle and recall the new kid on the block..well not new kid perhaps.
Simply George so yummy not found in a comic, not real life, alas demons,can there be nice demons i smile in a twist in the imagination scribbled written in cyber-blog but hey a chinese proverb..." the strangest perfumes attract the ugliest flies "..bring on the flies..and of coarse the new year..!!! oh yes GEORGE.... 


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