bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 15th October 2006.

I wish to make a public announcement,that i has indeed failed to meet the targets set by mistress,i blames such failure on the smiling pink panties for whispering in my ear,yes, just one more glass of fine wine;an extra chomp on the chocolate bar in the fridge,which are not really mine to munch on in the first place,really only there for tiny hands to unwrap,such behaviour has led me to think that there is always tomorrow and whilst mistress has been very busy,i perhaps thought that mistress might not notice that the ticking clock has risen past the deadline.

And did hope to file my tasks just before mistress returned from her quest.The bubbles in the wine and the taste of chocolate put paid to such notions,i mistakenly thought that the bitch had mellowed.I also wishes to confess that i ejaculated on the wrong day,missing mistress's full moon homage by two days,my only hope is that as the seed spurted,i was mouthing a mantra to my goddess who i have failed abjectly these past few weeks.And hopes what ever punishment mistress has in mind for me that i will be carry out to the full,when i receives such instructions.

the only saving grace i have is the fact that i did carry out the full instructions surrounding the red ball for the full week and the longest time was four far in all the punishments that has been the hardest and most painful,bar the butt plug especially when in the nude and the ball tight against the chocolate star fish splaying out the buttocks far out stripping the one weekend when mistress forbade me to touch myself at all...

Due to the good weather and the fact that i have been touching myself most days as the sight of the moon has drawn me much towards my goddess i have gone no further with the tape,which i should have finished this weekend.

This is the end of my public report to my mistress,i now bow towards her in hope that she will not forsake such a retched slave as i....
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