bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 20th April 2010.

Today unless my tired old eyes have digested the wrong information is Hitler's Birthday the six million ghosts lurch on, strung along the wires of church bells trampled under leaf in the bright yellow dandeloins billowing amongst the grass verge. For the first time in simply ages the wires of the media have not cooked the goose in petaled words, there has been simply nothing,which for this country still besotted about the war is indeed strange. Even the children's tv programme Dr Who has delved into the ink pot tales scattered under the history books whom still hold no dust,as memories jaunt along pulled out in washing line spanners, leaving no place for dust bunnies to gather across the years 1939....1945..Will such a will power to draw, into daily lives eventually allow such dust bunnies to cover once this generation of ours becomes dust itself.
Each year when i set up my diary i scribble in his birthday this particular week is most interesting in the bubbles bursting inside me.The slut has also penciled in the fact that Linda Lovelace died aged a car crash her life was no sweet dream slut being slut overlooks this fact only dwelling on the act of deep throat and the pleasure taken from such positions slut has been in the past and still dribbles over for the coming future.
This coming Sunday is ANZAC Day...In Perth Western Australia they have a dawn service for the boys whom never came home,there is a picture frame in a tiny shop window in Perth showing a mass of Australian troops resting on one of the Egyptian Pyramids,it is the scrawl under the picture that digs deep in the fact that not many sailed home.
As for today a fine sunset as i walked home from work.. making slut feel particularly horny in contrast to the mind games of the past, such conflicts within are a battle each waking day as the bravo-male fights with the fem-slut.
It is good for the fem-slut to win especially after reading about how to eat a strawberry in one of my favourite blogs.But the history of men is trouble some.


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