bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 15th August 2010.

Hey is this really me,is this really the date in the year already,can it be possibly half way through August,arrrrhhh the lazy sod has once more crept upon the back of flying caterpillars floundered through glasses of rich Chardonnay to blow bubbles to the wind to stand amongst summer growth whilst watching Bats fly between the trees.
Their passage much the same as a simple transvestite full of delights woes rolled up in paper dragons..stealth has been the word lazy sod the order of the day, the night watchman has turned a blind eye slutty stuff ordered over the big wide web has remained still folded in neat packets...autumn i say to myself perhaps so...yes perhaps so.
As the night watch man stokes his night fire his dreams in the dark coals vampire red, under the drizzle that is life wallow also,i was never offered ten shillings or was it half a crown back then to pull down such a zip. Time is, what IF and IF as Kipling wrote, is a long dream then there is hope for the lazy sod,after all.

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