bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 2nd November 2010.

A glass of crap rose wine perhaps finishes of the crap day,with crap meaning only the vast amount of raindrops ransacking through my mind,i can stand the wet dripping clothes,the swish of the windscreen wipers on over drive,glaring head lights betraying the lane lizards wandering in demented Huckleberry Fin mode, through the crazy streets which make up this mecca in red brick.
What such drizzle does to the mind is the key factor which alarms myself as i huddle while grasping through such raindrops. For a few seconds i glimpsed a chocolate cake, i giggled to myself for only i could see this thought, whilst stood under the shafting rain seen through the glare of street lights, the chocolate cake did indeed look most interesting.


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