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Wednesday 10th November 2010.

The blank screen again taunts me with the vast empty space,however i am tonight going to completely ignore the flurry in whiteness i see before me.I have also broken, the fact of the ticking clock as my only company on this squibbed night, wrapped in the printed calender season  Autumn, by pulling out the stops hidden in i-tunes and playing shuffle. Normally this is pure death to any written stream as i tend to sit back,beginning to slip into the mosh in musical sound, i tend also to find my right hand reaches for increased volume as memories jingle-jerk through the years i have stepped crawled plastered across this rich planet.
Joy Division pulsates, the crazy street mix elaborates a waste of life not many miles from this square room the lead singer Ian Curtis death by self infliction, sad, but would i do anything different in such shoes treading through the streets of Macclesfield, down amongst the clover hedgerows bulking, buffering on the edges in elite classed Cheshire plain.
Say speak the word  Cheshire soft in the mouth,enlightened money drips from each letter,no conjured up dirty mill town hovers across the horizon, no redundant chimneys, sky floated coloured in old shunting ghosts they pay also no heed to my drifting thoughts as Paul Potts tucks opera from these twin speakers, very nearly spanking my mind to pause long enough for cobwebs to close down this machine.
But if you are reading this and thinking madman then perhaps you may well be right. But you also may just be a tiny bit like me and pause in record shops thumbing through the odds and sods box marked down in bargain basement prices and come across Frank Carillo and the Bandoleros album " Someday " it is priceless for just a few dollars buy it.......the tune that stops this machine is" Glass Heroes ".



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