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Wednesday 12th January 2011.

I am slowly working through my new year shuffle,the hoarder within me, is suffering from the pink ribboned clog dance,as i try in vain to discard some of the muchness i have collected over the years,each January i fail, the hoarder dribbles gratitude, whilst those in ring- a- ring around the poor sod try to up the tempo in a whirlwind of get rid mantra chants.
So far i have thrown one t-shirt to the wolves leaving perhaps fifty hanging there,some i never wear,the sentimental value is too much to think about being heaped in a washing machine to come out in tatters forlorn unthreaded gone from my very touch. One of my favourites was once black but now beginning to fade bought in 1991..when my soul was lost in mortal combat with the female flesh eaters of the day...bought in the youth hostel during a few days spent in Santa Monica whilst warming my self in the warm sunshine far from the English dampness i know only too well,each time i pass it by on hanging on the rail,i drift amongst those days, the incredible surprise when buying an ice cream off a handsome young hulk whom had never been to New York
.The print in the art gallery i so would have luved to take home,even worse was the offer to have it shipped home,my only excuse i was only on the beginning of my journey around the world with not much more than a pair of shorts,a tooth brush and a small amount of reading matter and counting my pennies each day.
My book case looks neater,not so much under the heavy weight of books now lined in places by rows of two on each shelve,however the  amount of trinkets picked up on this journey through life all worthless in money value,with even some moments i cannot simply recall for the pebbles picked on beaches i have foot falled in the search for the perfect beach, yet another obsession of mine,how many do i have trillions,and on that note perhaps i better close for now,and get back to the shuffle HA...


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Jan. 12th, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)
T. is the same way about his t-shirts, and broken coffee mugs (gifted from friends etc over the years) and we are both like that with our books, his deep and philosophical and theological, a smattering of sci-fi from his youth, mine are books of art and reflection, both of us have books double booked on the shelves. And of course there are MY art supplies that I've collected and only toss when I find them dried for lack of use. I did a couple of years ago convince him to toss the old 8-track tapes, not having had a player for them in decades. LOL Our son says "I will NOT move all those books if you move!" LOL Once asked why he kept so many books and all the music he seldom listens to, his reply was "they make me feel wealthy". Well Gawd knows he's invested a fortune in both! But some of the books were his father's who died when T. was the tender age of 9, those I also consider untouchable as they are a tangible link to his dad.
Love sent to you this day from the frozen hinterlands. xoxo
Jan. 13th, 2011 06:52 am (UTC)
It is so hard to part with my treasures, of course they are treasures to me, yet anyone else would look and scratch their head.

Many of the little knick knack things that I have are gifts from family and friends, and I want to part with those but I am afraid of offending the givers of these little dust collectors. I tried to give a couple of things back to someone who bought them for me and they were so upset that I didn't value these little pieces of junk, and was so willing to part with them, it was as though I was rejecting the person, not the item.

So, consequently I am stuck with things that I would part with, only to have less room for the things that I want to keep.

It seems there is no easy answer.

Good luck in your spring cleaning.
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