bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 23rd October 2006.

They say worse things happen at sea,but on this befuddled melancholy monday so much garbage floated from the wireless this morning i did indeed wonder if such a child hood saying is now worth laying to rest along with all the other such things known only to us old lucky we were to grow up in the 60/70's..when freedom seamed to hang on every washing line.
Today pouring out of the Local wireless station came intrepid news that the great unwashed are turning on far to many lights and pouring to much water in the kettle when making a cup of char.
God..must surely now be so slumbered in sleep not even a flatulent fart would wake him from his/her dream, one wonders what is really on such a mind.Hey maybe he is also lost and now in need of a good mistress to wake him up from the troglodytes straps asleep in his mind.

Today some sad news for me my favourite girl in the local supermarket who always beams at me..yes gosh i am allowed some small chunks of vanity am i not mistress..???? now moving on to better things i wish her well.....

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