bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 10th March 2011.

 Dear Boo...How are you..?? Dear Fom have you missed me.....??....Boo Fom....???....You know how it is Fom your promises do they lay as chaff or are you that busy or should i mention the word or merely whisper Masturbation...Boo how could you,quite easily Fom,
you know yourself it does not need me to tell you about your opiate.As for is my new name for you saves us arguing about the white blank screen do you not think..???..each time you pass this way.
Yes Boo but Fom...???
Arrrrhhh.....Boo...Flaccid Old Man....Do you not like it,it is so you these days...and as old Hugh would say Ha...
Oh could you..
quite easily Fom...quite easily..sigh...
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