bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 30th May 2011.

The clocks tick, the rhythm, is soft drifting into my thought process, the white blank screen stares at me probing into deep ray light bolts, " are you back again so soon you how how it is usually "...yes i know some habits are harder to install than others,words gather storming apathy is the watershed i have to somehow shovel against.
No doubt the white screen will once more probe again in the future,but for now this blank screen teases me, whispers " well i am glad to see you so soon arrhh so that is it the last of the May Day bank holiday Mondays . With no work to brace against. "
Yes indeed but have i used it well i can only answer that the floor of this room is no longer full of dust bunnies,no longer am i stepping on rubber bands and i have a new flat screen to linger over, quite an impressive day the maid in me although not in uniform has done well, a minor miracle for a transvestite full of ideas fantasies so bold the bubble holding them almost bursts maybe that is really why i have such long gaps..servitude perhaps so maybe i should imagine servitude rather than keep having hissy-fits looking for another Dom,could i Dom myself,is that a possible thing time will tell.
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