bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 12th June 2011.

 The large white blank screen teases me..." arrhh you here again and so soon ", " what's the matter nothing to masturbate over "..." so goeth " i reply,I'm to old to crusty to let that demon masturbation slip me along the gilt trip of youth the crusty pyjama bottoms hidden in the wash the accusations of life,the stuffed under the bed Penthouse along with tired old teddy bears, the Pandora box crashed lidded in family lore and to think i did not pause here tonight to be caught in this trap, such is the demon of blank screens and Masturbation.
They say no rest for the wicked,a word rich in tapestry gold leafed through time,passed down by hand and mouth no time to pause,i ask why..??...arrrhh they say you know the rules,nothing is free ever....But did i ask to be here...that is selfish vanity they say, you must......therefore i must be wicked...another one of those words twisted turned to which ever advantage pours out from the sayers mouth...
My mind plays tonight, with family a word much i have festooned with in the last couple of days...My own father is/has visited from Australia..the note pushed through the door simply says " sorry to have missed you "no flight arrivals, no flight departures, happened last time the hurt has become now quite blasé..... family is a word written on the side of a bus, i become more interested with the young blond girl full of headphones as the bus passes i wish her well in my mind,the word family will soon peel off.
I passed a tree,last Friday.....A son is missing since June the fourth, the poster say his name is Steven,the poster is in a sleeve pinned to the tree by drawing pins the sort we used back in school days thick blobs of brass at the bottom of the picture hand written signed, luv Mum and dad.
I found that hand scribble quite moving..i wondered why he is missing his picture spoke from the tree..but what...???...story has he to tell what is the other side of the is the name written on the side of a bus,on the side of a tree....and not on a comfortable bench watching the sun go down on another day in paradise. 

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