bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 2nd November 2006.

There was a time when the year end circle was not quite going to make it in such a familiar shape.There were that many demons copperplating my head,i thought pearly rivets were going to implode,some mornings i was up at two am searching for answers,to something which i had brought on myself, in the vain search for the true domination i crave.
Wandering in the grasslands has not been easy,instead of reaching down to grasp the glimmer of flowers i have stumbled on shimmering in the heat haze,only the coolness of a plastic prism which has become the norm.As a boy,as a youth i was chased,now as an adult i have become the chaser.

But today i think i have come to rest upon something special,if i take great care and nurture and bring forth then the brightness of the flower in the grass lands may well turn out to be real at last.
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