bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 7th August 2011.

 Just past nine-o-clock in the evening, already darkness is on approach the end of the weekend is but a touch away, i will not even bother to skin over hot August nights or hot cats on a tin roof, summer which ever stone along the road it crawled to, is no longer the panting season i will look for, the long range weather forecast is ugg with no regard to those famous boots from Australia.
This means for me that the heavy regiment of the " Forlorn Hope " will come over the horizon at an alarming rate....why after all these summers that have passed under my pink laced hob nailed boots i should hope for one of those odd ball hot desperately hot summers is quite staggering..considering the last one was when i was in my teens and i have now entered the mature brigade.
Melancholy madness is this for me, self inflicted during those winter months or simply and has been always my face shove it up your bum syndrome.
I read this evening an interesting comment on such inflictions we might or not do, unto ourselves, my mind lost in the great unwashed horde the staggering beetle trying to step outside the box from the nest of feisty millions in which we have been thrust on top of each other by this straight jacket society of  the rules are the rules. Was not so much alarmed by it just a simple sigh as the night has become even darker. As i wonder now if i push myself towards the great winter retreat regiment, to simply give up in thoughts that my pink laced hob nail boots take on the snow and ice winds..and really should say up yours winter is simply winter and it will pass.
I heard a snippet of news pour out of the wireless this week past, that it was twenty years ago that the great web in the sky was created changing the world for all on the planet even if not one key has been pressed by those for whom the web is meaningless. I suspect that the Dark Master also heard the wireless spit out such a retort along with all the other Elephant piss that is washed around in what the British Media call the silly season during this time of year. The dark master  has a cock that needs servicing is that also self inflicted by my self...indeed and what better way of celebrating the webs creation..perhaps...  

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