bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 14th August 2011.

Darkness from beyond the window..Autumn is coming i better muse myself to the arrival, the art of defence is attack so i once read,today i am not sure...the jaws of the giant melancholy quietly lie in wait will this be the winter i win more than the bright yellow socks i once won at a fireman's ball back in the dark days of youth when dancing with strange ladies was most frightening.
The mention of the fireman's ball brings back the feelings of a large mature lady trying to teach me to dance the art of mingling legs as the music drove us around the hall...i recall be frightened i might have an erection as she pushed closer to my groin how shy i was still at i wish it was now tonight...arrrhh mature women bless them..i do hope the lady is still going strong perhaps she was not really that mature though i have the large on cue that is solid in reflections...the past always envelopes me never far from tripping through my crazy street mix in the far corners of my mind.
Today i was crossing town, some windows are still boarded up from last weeks riots the semi warmth brought out the shadow boxers from the ancient cotton mill buildings when king cotton made only the few rich and the rest gathered storm in the gutter..the old cafe is now an amusement palace with flashing lights,jingling coins in slots,guards with fags hanging out the corner of their burnt mouths the crusted yellow  the puff the splutter made me walk one step quicker in my comfortable shoes i always glance in,i always wonder what happened to that man who tried to pick me up who came and sat down told me he was a policeman and would i go with him had i not been waiting for a midnight bus a mere teen then an avid plane spotter the smell of jet engines...the turbo prop the crazy drone of a DC-3... the pull of Heathrow airport and all those Pan-am jumbo's was almost as good as having an orgasm..i might well have gone..but then it was not the first,nor the last. So goeth happy birthday Hugh..where ever you are...

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