bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 29th August 2011.

This blank screen is playing more tricks dog pawing through my mind, as if my journey is not complicated enough,my poop deck is littered with wants, has beens, demands, my sails billow a thousand winds, as i stride below the captain of my ship.
An orange box has eclipsed my blank screen spell check once automatic has now vanished to be taken over by this beast triffid washing over my bow and i return to the manual of hurting my head in spell checking..perhaps i should have paid more attention when at school but then how would i have built this fine ship i sail in where would i have put my 55 years worth of baggage or is this the orange square a hint in which to drop some baggage over let some drift away through the oceans of time.
Yesterday....i pulled out my CD of  " electric warrior " ushering the words, tunes, through my mind i mangled each tune back to those youth days when hardness was a quaint right, the glare from the days sunshine mingled within the vortexed rose tinted glasses as each curve in the the road of reality spun the bass volume to lift sunshine mode billowing in my sailing ships eye. Ball of confusion is not the premise of the elite,even the great unwashed can live in such dreams..but them perhaps the great unwashed are called lady sods and must be whipped back to work or so the sunday headlines preyed for...and i sailed on thank full i do not live in regrets as i have enough good memories to crush such beast triffids making the curly leaf wood nymph to wooo the bright sunshine. 

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