bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 15th January 2012.

I am in company of the ticking clock,it's beat tells me my life is ticking away,the clock face tells me it is nearly three pm in Down town Singapore,where the temperature means i would not be sitting in front of such a machine as this, dressed in winter penguin clothes wondering what type of day winter will bring me today. The time for myself now seven am and i sit here slowly masturbating whilst thinking on how to fill this mass blank white space i sit before, and for most days when sat here i do not scribble a single word.
Each New Year i promise myself that i would take my hand away and produce more words rather than playing constantly with my second front of this machine i am thankful that people luv to take off their clothes in front of the camera,or scribble about what erotic things float through their minds as i am sure life would be tedious without such natural thoughts, and being fed the propaganda form the straight jacketed media who's ideals do not seem to match my own....
Yesterday...i worked down the old streets i used to live some forty-six years ago...i paused for a few minutes in the milky-sunshine and pondered on those few years..the house i used to live in still stands the bedroom window i hung out of in summer remains shut keeping those ten year old boy dreams locked away in ghost villa i stood there how small the place all seamed,as if i could fathom out every crack in the pavement,count every street light and wonder where all those souls whom once lived their have gone....The old school headmistress was out in her garage...i said hello...she stopped and we talked a few words..she always remembers me as the small boy living next door....and the usual words about how times fly and the older one becomes the faster the years sail away...
As i continued further along the streets out of sight of old memories my mind played games on how long she had been widowed all those years without sex...could i have lasted so..would i want to..they always tell you that there is always more to life than sex, but perhaps that is if you do not want it or simply desire not too bother closing down that side of the mind as a cast off desire...i meet a mature lady once whom said that it is only men that think that it is not the size of a cock but how you use it as a truism by the smile on her face and her laughs she must have luved big ones and hopefully for her is still visited by such.
Another thing that crossed my mind down those old playing out streets that i had no inclination at all i would turn out to be a transvestite..i stood there amongst all the old brick work looked up in the blue sky watched the aircraft on approach to Manchester Airport thought about the old spot we played kiss chase..gosh did i really ponder there perhaps so..and not one flinch one milli-second ventured forth about pulling on stockings along with the mentality going with such actions.

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