bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 10th November 2006.

Of all the punishments;silence is probably the worst one to dwell on,bringing to mind such things as leaves that are green or the dark days when i am a rock was a sort of anthem,until one radio station played the song to death in a certain number of weeks thankfully past now,but somethings linger forever to wander through the crunchy street mix caving in my mind,that old tired cliche the pen is mightier than the sword quickly turns into the scribble in cyber space,,to appear there on my own screen.This tells me how serious mistress is taking this,i have listed them on my to board clipped next too the last few scribbles about Australia i need to complete before binding in my snail,it is a learning curve which shoots up into the rainbow sky and is sucked in by the bolt around the most important part of my body,which i have freely given total control over to another fellow traveller walking along the same path though each with a separate agenda we can still link hands to fight of the demons which visit beneath the curtains during mad dog hours.The bolt now lies heavy and warm,i lay in bed this morning and could feel it's weight drawing my mind closer to thoughts of how to concentrate on completing the tasks ahead,and if and when my mistress had penned me any words,on turning on this plastic machine there were only a few and i thought imagine if not any..!!!,usually i would have sunk at those few words,however this morning before i go out into the brave new day they seam enough.

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