bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 27th January 2012. some corners it is Lewis Carrol Day..with events surrounding down the Rabbit Hole in outlandish i am a big fan of Masturbation this could not possibly count unless i was riding on the back of a rampaging elephant....or perhaps sat next to one in a New York cab....
Therefore my outlandish today to honour Lewis Carrol and the mad hatters tea party..was not of my making but a sheer witness to madness..on the highway with a ruptured tyre...the dear man who can to rescue me was most suckable..his antic's in the dark cold snow was fit for only Tom And Jerry fans...his banging jumping crashing of tools his mouth a stengun of fuckables and bastards made me giggle on this friday night under the sparse street lights, his final ending was to turn in a dark covered wall pull out his cock and sadly piss up against the rain dripped only conciliation was in thought what a steam hammer fuck he could have given with that hot temper tonight..sheer madness in the space of half an hour.....but so yummy..would Lewis Carrol have been pleased or was he a straight laced man...perhaps...
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