bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 11th March 2012.

Today..i ventured out into the wild world, Slut screamed..take me, take me,...Do you really want to go to a male dragged union meeting..i asked..??? sit there and hear the gloom about how the Blue Rinse Tories are giving us the working class a good brutal stuffing..she looked at me and said simply Bitch....arrh i thought how one word catapults Slut to the forefront of my imagination....i went to my fem set of drawers and pulled out the most slutty panties i could find, how she gleamed, giggled, purred i slipped them on and purred myself, Bitch, i thought...and ventured out into the wild world where every corner is a war zone,where it seems every youth is in your face when perhaps i would rather be on my knees with zips in my teeth looking for that nectar that drives such as i almost insane at times...instead of the Confrontation which is now everyday life in the second decade of the New Millennium....
The union meeting was as expected..the driven blue rinse must be gloating...i sighed watched out of the window on the grey slate roofs selfishly thankful i have only 50 months left before i can retire for at least a year....But for the coming youth what is it going to be...70..80...before they can think about pensions....and the worst of all how the current retired can only say..who gives a shit..i have my pension....not all of them maybe..but far to many..yes far to many...So Slut do not ever get like that our else  whom will pull up the panties for goeth... 

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