bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 6th May 2012.

Tis approaching 5.30am the whirling gears in my mind are beginning to recover from the Demons,Gargoyles,Hob Goblins in pink laced hobnailed boots whom visit me,every night with there wild fantasies,of doom gloom and bugger...they are most upset that i have come across the Last Samurai,perhaps because the Last Samurai has a might affection for Angie the bedraggled transvestite within this skin.There chance encounter whilst pulling on stockings was perhaps the impossible dream..but as my old friend Hugh would goeth.
Perhaps the Last Samurai will bring out old mature Angie to dance the light fantastic in the year of the outlandish....and perhaps save her from the nightly rape of thoughts punished by demon and friends...However this morning the Last Samurai needs to shelter inside some panties to recover from yesterdays encounter whilst on his journey.A large portly gentleman stopped him in his travels and informed him that he was pleased to have been retired three years,that he could still afford exotic holidays and that is wife was also ready to retire in a few months....the last Samurai glanced at his neither regions saw nothing which would feast him and replied that he had to work an extra year imposed by the British Government and believed it was all propaganda about there being no money and tut tut about living longer therefore one should work longer before the benefits of retirement kick in....and how sad and tragic that up and coming generations were going to have to work until at least 70....before they even got a which the portly gentleman replied that he already had his pension and perhaps could not give a fuck about whom was following him...The last Samurai bid the portly gentleman farewell turned once more on his journeys path towards the journey of the feast within..glancing for one last time at the gentleman..he thought Twat..and strode off.  

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