bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 27th May 2012.

Today is once more my Trinity Sunday..tis but five am in the morning and the cogs in my mind are slowly beginning to churn into some sort of recognised form...i was going to say order but that is far from the truth, as a rustle in the wind can move me from what ever path i had planned to be on and after fifty-six years i suspect that it will not change, i surpose i should say ho-hum but best just my old friend the ticking clock keeps me company upon the dawn of the new day.
I am sat quite naked..tis the first day of the year which i have sat before this machine in such away without the aid of heating pouring from the radiators,my friend the clock is set in Singapore time which is perhaps just past the time of noon,the reason why i torture myself with such a time perhaps a sniffle in born dominance which at times i seek, the world of fantasy keeps me putting one foot in front of the other and keeps me walking out of the front door to labour for others for the few pennies they think such as i should receive for the joys of living and working for them...after thirty odd years i feel that is quite enough to give of ones life for a cause in which i have sadly become delusional with, as the modern world crushes all in its path and work pattens seem impossible to old farts such as i...i quite like the idea of being called prehistoric and i wonder what the youth of today will look like in thirty years time,will they also think as i..if they were sat quite naked on such a day in merry old England...Perhaps...!!! 

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