bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 29th July 2012.

And so it begins the greatest show on earth for those whom the pounding feet,the swishing of water,the tumble tossed turbulence of colours bronze, silver, gold, caught in the arch in racing javelin speed,the weeps, the tears, the joy is all there should my buttocks clench to sit and watch the silver screen.
I did watch for a while the opening of the games emotional for the rendering of Abide with Me...the pre-pubic voice caught in the winding echoes of Jerusalem, the mass anthems of the great unwashed for all the world to see and most probably lost in imaginations not caught on to the fact that the elite have fucked the British working class for more centuries than known to man.It was for me the greatest political out burst for the labour party i have ever seen on live television the poor blue rinsed Tories must have been spitting feathers or masturbating wildly in the hope that Margaret Thatcher will one day rise a phoenix to cast away the mass of the great unwashed.
I did venture forth and bid for some tickets for this great show and have been to one of the football days In Old Trafford Manchester,i felt both in awe and frightened to be so close entwined with 72,000 humans as we all poured out on to the streets when the final whistle finished the rampant horde of cocks roaming around the pitch trying to kick a bag of wind from one end to another, as the dying  whispers from the vanishing crowd will remain in the souls of grass left behind.
I was intrigued,yet at times detached from this mass crowd sometimes baying like wolves on a kill,some times in joy as the mexican wave reverberated around the ground. I could not help but think of the taste found in the running shorts,was deeply intrigued by the gentleman sat two seats down from me whom constantly played with his mobile phone i wondered why he did indeed sit there in timed motion...tis but the human element that gathers in the mind perhaps long after the games have gone..the two American beauties whom had i been 18 once more would have perhaps dribbled all over the floor but perhaps as old old mature transvestite i could only giggle laugh and felt good that some youth are a-ok....two old gentleman sat behind me on the Tram into Piccadilly Manchester they were reminiscing on old work old friends,old jobs they had worked on so glad they caught up with each other and soon they should repeat the friendship way they said fuck reminded me of the first time i heard such a word at the age of 14..and the gentle of being in the good Goeth...   

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