bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 28th October 2012.

" Wow...this is your seventh entry in one month "...yes..yes i know Blank White Screen, " do you think it will become a habit,you know a proper habit or will you shrink away into your usual Masturbation dream world you sink deep into during these dark nights restless moods for sunshine and all that hat.....i see you had an e-mail from the Dark Master demanding your slut of a mouth,on one of his rare travels up from careful now you have made seven entries in one month, i will not be so forgiving where ever you take your mouth, cock sucking indeed Bla..."....
I nod my head as the screen begins to fill with words for once, it is happy purring away, whilst the mood swings in the naughty slut mode i feel quite aroused today more than usual especially as it is my Own version of Trinity Sunday, by now i would normally be quite full of chardonnay would drift wrap around my body entwine my soul as spirits from the past climb aboard each note and fight for short time i would think on past luv's lost won abandoned and abandoned by those also.Tiny bits of the world would also badger for some time..i recall one person why waste money on travel when you could have a super car...have you ever sat on a beach and watched the sun go down in some far off land time had almost forgot where Media ponies were not flocking to rape your mind...with huge monstrous cocks of loud messages you do not really want to hear and find unfathomable to believe. I remember him looking at me in disbelief..the words above are not a quote on that day however i did mention the sunsets....all those years ago perhaps in my drifting mid thirties when i could keep my transvestite self under lock and key hoping it would go of those things in life, when i would close my eyes in child like play time, say Booo to myself and hope it had vanished...on opening my eyes once more....
In a couple of weeks i shall have reached the age of 57....the transvestite in me is now more of a Pantomime Dame and thank fully more at peace than the rage of youth when doubt clouded the mind, and purple violet shrinkage when ever some one uttered such a word as Trannie in the battle for sanity or simply the word normal what ever that means in this day and age... 

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