bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 5th September 2006.

It is four am and the demons have just left the crunchy-ness of my mind,how quaint,and how nice of them,to leave me in peace on this morrow.So i sit here before this machine and slowly begin to focus on the day ahead,thankfully i am still on leave;and thus Singapore is firmly locked in my head not even the demons can curse all the roaming troglodytes woozy amongst the frothing greymatter.
Today i have to make up my mind if this old transvestite head wants to mud wrestle in a silky black dress or simply strip down to lacy underwear,voyeurism dictates the latter and hopefully i will be able to reduce my opponent to be dressed the same and then the final ploy to wrestle for a likewise of her forty-two double DD's to fit amongst my frankenstien chest,how strange this ache for such wondrous things of my own,they say miracles may happen;however even walking on water will not surffice besides if there were to be any miracles then peace for the world would have to be the number one uno.

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